Our Approach to ESG

We are committed to innovating and improving traditional energy markets by raising the standards by which we conduct business.  ARM Energy believes that a responsible approach to ESG is critical to future success, and we are focused on improving the quality of life for both our stakeholders and individuals across the globe.  While our Board of Managers and Executive Committee lead our ESG initiative, all employees are expected to consider the environmental and social impacts of our business activities as part of their day-to-day decision-making process.


ARM believes that climate initiatives and sustainability efforts, combined with various energy sources are paramount to business growth. We seek to partner with companies that value, act and operate with environmental responsibility. ARM supports companies that are dedicating resources to address and/or monitor greenhouse gas emissions, air quality and asset carbon intensity, ecological impacts and water management derived from various services and assets. These environmental considerations, along with other factors, inform our capital allocation, operating process and day-to-day business.

We are actively dedicating resources to reduce our carbon footprint through advisory and ownership of renewable energy sources and other clean-energy oriented technologies.


Employee health and safety and community investment are principal to ARM’s mission. We care about our workforce and utilize best-in-class safety measures in each of our offices and project sites, such as operational safety standards and emergency preparedness and response, to ensure the health and safety of our employees. ARM seeks customers, suppliers and vendors and other partners who prioritize transparency. Each company we partner with is required to have established guidelines for incident risk management and track recordable incidents.

Diversity and Inclusion

ARM Energy is committed to fostering and cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe diversity drives innovation and it is a guiding principle in how we build our teams, mentor our leaders and connects us to our customers and the communities in which we live and serve. We take our commitment of excellence, integrity, and transparency seriously and work hard to create an environment where all backgrounds are valued and embraced.


Community investment is paramount to ARM Energy. We take pride in providing our employees with opportunities to be actively involved in local charitable events, such as food and blood drives, clothing and equipment donations and various other local volunteer opportunities.

ARM formed the Seeds of Hope Foundation which benefits children from local underserved communities by providing scholarships for higher education. It is our passion to “Plant Seeds of Hope” for a bright future for all children.