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Who We Are

Our established presence in every major North American oil and gas producing basin enables us to provide services across the entire commodity value chain – from wellhead to end-user. We evaluate and manage each component of an energy transaction, including supply, demand, credit and market factors. We pride ourselves on enhancing value for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders by developing optimization , direct product upgrades and downstream market strategies, opportunities, and solutions.


  • We are an active participant in the natural gas, crude oil, NGL, carbon credit and environmental attribute markets.
  • We are a top 20 North American gas marketer and purchase and sell gas in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We leverage our vast and strategic network, our relationships and our scale for transactional efficiencies.
  • Crude oil and NGL products remain an important source of energy supply in North America, and as such, ARM markets liquids in the U.S. and Canada. Many of the producing basins in North America are liquids rich, driving producer economics and creating a need for marketing services.
  • We market and trade credits associated with renewable generation, including, renewable natural gas, responsibly sourced gas, renewable energy credits, low carbon fuel standard credits and RINs. These evolving marketplaces serve as a critical foundation for the energy transition in the U.S.


  • ARM expertly manages logistics and is committed to supporting the efficient flow of products across North America. We utilize our experience to transport commodities effectively through a variety of assets, including transportation and transmission pipelines, roads, rail and barges.
  • We contract for storage and terminalling services to support the supply and demand balance in different regions across the U.S. Beyond the leasing of storage capacity, we participate in the ownership and management of strategically located storage facilities within the U.S., with the intent of improving storage options for our clients and market participants including, utilities, local distribution companies, producers, traders and other end-users.
  • We provide blending services to ensure that the commodity quality reaches its full potential and can be utilized by refiners and other end-users.
  • In addition, we provide the following services:
    • Transportation optimization
    • Asset management agreements
    • Seven-day-a-week trading and scheduling operation
    • Natural gas Storage
    • Liquids terminalling
    • Liquids Blending

Producer Services

  • We founded our producer services business with a mission to improve the netback profiles of our upstream oil and gas clients. The objective has since expanded to not only improve the ultimate netback, but also to advise our clients on appropriate egress and market solutions. Through a transparent approach, we determine each client’s specific needs and are able to create a fluid strategy and execution plan driven by our proprietary fundamental analysis for a broad range of transactions.
  • We are committed to understanding the strategy of our clients and work to consistently deliver risk-adjusted value.
  • Our producer services also include:
    • Evaluation of lease information and market updates
    • Scheduling, nominations and market operations
    • Supply and demand volume and swing management
    • Energy risk management
    • Financial and physical hedging
    • Transportation management
    • Real-time tracking of production reports, invoicing and confirmations


ARM Energy physically markets and transports hydrocarbons across North America via pipelines connecting supply sources with demand centers. Our objective is to consistently deliver value by leveraging our upstream and downstream relationships.